This is a Taco!

Tacos and squirrels, makes perfect sense, right? I wouldn’t have thought so either until I read This is a Squirrel Taco! by Andrew Cangelose. In this hilarious picture book Taco, a taco-loving squirrel, seeks to educate his readers on all the ins and outs of being a squirrel. However, he quickly realizes that there are not nearly enough tacos in this book and with red pen in hand paw he sets out to rewrite his story and fill it with all manner of tasty taco action. Andrew Cangelose does a fabulous job of bursting through the fourth wall with his use of quippy speech bubbles, which are all the more effective paired with Joseph Shipley’s charmingly irreverent illustrations. So, whether you are a fan of furry squirrels or yummy tacos, you will love This is a Squirrel Taco!

– Kayla

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