Unicorn Story Time

Unicorns seem to be the new popular birthday theme of the moment. Here are some great unicorn themed books that are perfect for your own magical story time.

You Don’t Want a Unicorn! by Ame Dyckman

This book is hilarious and was well received by both boys and girls in my StoryTime Theatre audience. The main character is dead set on wishing for a unicorn as a pet, against the better advice of the narrator. He soon finds out that unicorns are rather destructive creatures and ultimately decides that maybe a different magical pet would be a better fit. With lots of colorful and silly illustrations, courtesy of Liz Climo, this book marries a humorous narrator with sparkly unicorns and a smidge of bathroom humor for an irreverent picture book sure to please any unicorn fan.

I am a Unicorn! by Michaela Schuett

This title is a great choice for younger readers. The colorful illustrations and straightforward text are easy to follow and little ones will love Frog’s enthusiastic insistence that he is, in fact, a real unicorn despite Grumpy Goat’s refusal to believe him. With subtle messages about kindness, creativity, and acceptance, this title is one that can grow with its readers.

Unicorn (and Horse) by David Miles

Of the three books that I’ve listed, older audiences seem to really appreciate this one. Unicorn is magical, sparkly, fun, and loved by all the other animals; Horse is not. Though it might seem like Horse has little patience for the flamboyant Unicorn, it becomes obvious that he is really jealous of Unicorn’s happy go lucky attitude. It takes a disaster to bring out the best in Horse, but in the end Horse and Unicorn are able to balance their differences and become the best of friends. Positive messages abound in this engaging title and Hollie Mengert’s illustration style makes this book look and feel like a warm hug.

– Kayla

blog photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

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