Hello Genius! Board Books

Children are learning new skills and concepts throughout their day and story time is a great tool to address and expand upon what they are learning. The Hello Genius series by Capstone Publishing is a fabulous collection of board books designed specifically to help young children explore concepts like sharing, personal care, manners, and speaking skills. Written by Michael Dahl and illustrated by Oriol Vidal, these titles are great supportive tools for parents who are trying to reinforce these same concepts. Michael’s gentle language and simple words explore topics like listening, napping, hitting, and bathing in ways that are easily understood by his toddler audience. The large and colorful text and backgrounds keep them engaged and the relevant topics brings to life daily concepts with cute animal characters. I especially appreciate the board book format (large cardboard pages) that makes these books durable and touchable so they can be read over and over again. I hope that you and your family will check out the many titles offered in this series because they are fantastic!

– Kayla

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